Flower Care Tips

These flower care tips will really make a difference to lengthen the life of your fresh flowers.  Most flowers will last a week, with some varieties lasting even longer.  The cooler the room, the longer the flowers will last.


  • Use cut flower food, it contains the correct ingredients to lengthen the life of your flowers.
  • Use thoroughly clean vases, bacteria kills flowers.
  • Cut stems at an angle with sharp scissors.
  • As lily flowers open snip off the stamens to keep pollen to a miniumum.
  • Keep lilies away from cats as lily pollen is poisonous to them
  • Remove any faded blooms or foliage as soon as possible.
  • Change the water and re cut the stems every 3 days.


  • Mix daffodils with other flowers.
  • Put flowers near ripening fruit.
  • Place in a draught, direct sunlight or near radiators.
  • Get lily stains wet or rub.  Dab with sellotape to remove.
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