About Us

Ellen’s Florist offer a friendly personal service.  We pride ourselves in taking time to tailor everything to your personal requirements, using our passion for flowers and flair for design to create beautiful and striking designs. 

Ellen’s Florist are specialists in creating wedding flowers, funeral flowers and corporate flowers.  We will work with your budget to deliver fabulous results.

Our designs are fresh and stylish.

Caring for your Fresh Flower Bouquet

On receipt of your flowers, unwrap with care. Add flower food to water in a suitable vase. Cut at least 1 inch off the stems and arrange.
Follow our do and don’t tips below.

Caring for your Hand Tied Bouquet

Snip the water bag over a sink to release the water. Remove the packaging with care, DO NOT untie your flowers. Place the bouquet in a vase containing water with the flower food added. Follow our do and don’t tips.

Caring for your Flower Arrangement

On receipt of your flower arrangement top up the container with water and add water daily. Remove blooms as they fade. Ensure you place your design on a protective mat. Follow our do and don’t tips.

Flower Care Tips

These flower care tips will really make a difference to lengthen the life of your fresh flowers.  Most flowers will last a week, with some varieties lasting even longer.  The cooler the room, the longer the flowers will last.


  • Use cut flower food, it contains the correct ingredients to lengthen the life of your flowers.
  • Use thoroughly clean vases, bacteria kills flowers.
  • Cut stems at an angle with sharp scissors.
  • As lily flowers open snip off the stamens to keep pollen to a miniumum.
  • Keep lilies away from cats as lily pollen is poisonous to them
  • Remove any faded blooms or foliage as soon as possible.
  • Change the water and re cut the stems every 3 days.


  • Mix daffodils with other flowers.
  • Put flowers near ripening fruit.
  • Place in a draught, direct sunlight or near radiators.
  • Get lily stains wet or rub.  Dab with sellotape to remove.
  • Hesitate to ring us with any questions 01603 478033